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It was definitely worth the wait.
All participants have done a great job, and the result is really impressive. You're all doing great, guys.
Beautiful animation, monsters like clickers and sounds create in fact a right model of themed collab. This is the first project of its kind(as far as I remember), and I think this collab can be used as a reference for new similar themed collabs in the future. Come on, there's even was suspense!

thece responds:

definately the right choice of me to let ya finish yer stuff,ya part are the bestie

After 8 years in development, definitely it have been worth the wait.
All of this looks even more awesome, if remember how it all began.

This is so deep...
Can we turn off the lights?

There is a lot things to keep working on.
But it's not as bad as it could be. And + credits for 2 minutes length.

If we abstract from the quality of the animation (it's decent) and not quite right in the color balance of the antagonist (the blue color is too stands out beside gray), then we can say that this animation is good. Without fanaticism and loud cries. Good.
The only thing that should be taken into account in the future, is that - who are the MAG agents. Enlarged in 3 times massive and huge agents, the distinctive darts of their movements are massive and to some extent sluggishness. But in contrast - the strength and weight of the blow. They should not move as lightly as simple agents. In the battle of Mag-agents there should be no ease. It should be graceful and weighty blows, their slowness, but murder. I hope you understand my point.

RoetCarPower responds:

Yea I tried to do something like that. I understand the basic physics,but it was hard to animate it.

Hey, that's pretty good!
First of all I want to praise the work with the camera. It's nice, really nice.
The second is sprites. Even the spirit of the old Mc series is felt.
What is it worth working on is the animation. First of all, it lacks dynamics. Characters should not stand still when shooting or when they are fired, they must all be in motion all the time.
But it is worth noting that the animation is smooth,pleasant to the eye. Except that, I repeat, animation don't have enough dynamics, work on it.
In the rest - everything is fine.Keep work.

Excellent visual component of animation. Sprites and Backgrounds came out perfectly.
Animation, too, the eye does not cut, moderately smooth, sometimes if you look closely you can see the jerkiness, but otherwise everything is at a decent level. I think you can start working on a longer animation.

Excellent work with the camera and a great component of the action.
Keep it up!

Well made.
Keep it up

Thank you for the feeling of Deja vu.

Closed for collab invitation.


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